About PharmaSciMed

PharmaSciMed aims to bring you the latest news in big-pharma, scientific research and medicine with quality features. The website ran from January to March 2019 however the author, Nik P. was offered alternative employment in a similar niche and could not miss that opportunity.

About Nik: 

A Masters degree in English Literature from Edinburgh Uni with another Masters in Journalism, and nearly 4 years of experience within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Nik is a trained journalist, reporter, feature writer and as well as being NCTJ qualified,  and has over 7 years of additional content, SEO and medical writing and editing experience. His reporting has covered regulatory affairs, sales and healthcare, comparative research, recent scientific research and conducted numerous interviews with researchers and rare disease patients. 
If you would like any medical writing or journalistic reporting services please feel free to contact pharmascimed@gmail.com