asthma attack, smart peak flow

London-based Smart Respiratory Products has developed a device for asthma sufferers that detects exacerbations before patients feel them.

The company began work in 2016 in the aim to revolutionise asthma management with the help of smart and powerful products that are simple to use.

Although around 80% of asthma-related deaths occur in low-income countries, studies have shown around 1,500 individuals die from asthma attacks in the U.K. alone – or the equivalent of 4 a day.

The product called ‘Smart Peak Flow’ plugs into the headphone jack of the smartphone where asthma sufferers can blow into the device where the phone records various measures including lung functioning.

The application then produces a few charts of results that show whether a patient is in a green (safe) zone, yellow, or red (at risk) zone, all of which can be shared instantly with a doctor or carer.

The World Health Organisation estimates that there around 230m asthma sufferers worldwide, with a morbidity rate that is pushing beyond the 10% barrier in developed countries.

The device itself was invented by Dr. Thomas Antalffy who alongside a team at Imperial College London were granted full certification as a medical device after 3 years of research and development.