A new report by Jannsen has highlighted the failure of mental health services in the UK in comparison with other parts of the health system and NHS.

The report from Johnson & Johnson’s pharmaceutical unit underlined that many mental health practitioners are using ‘outdated’ approaches with very little insight into how the funding is actually used or even whether it has been effective.

PharmaSciMed has documented a rather disturbing story of a 31 year old man who was bullied and harassed for numerous years, who somehow ‘developed’ schizophrenia, which he insists to his doctors is not true.

“The stalking, harassment, discrimination and abuse I’ve received from people from my past is shocking.

“I won’t deny that taking medication helped me remain stable for a while, however these issues are now in the past and the mental health team refuse to cooperate or budge on their stance.

“I have demonstrated over and over again, I do not have schizophrenia, and am now also victim to psychologists who seem to be trying to fill out quotas with empty mental health units.”

Another patient at the community mental health team said: “Ever since I quit smoking even just a few cigarettes a day, my mood and concentration levels have gone back to when I was mentally well.

“Psychologists and doctors seem to want to just ply people with antidepressants or antipsychotic medications.

“What’s even worse is that when interviewed by these ‘doctors’ they simply lie and distort what you say in their notes. For instance I have never ‘seen things’ or heard voices in my entire life, yet I recently found out that’s what they had written on my notes.”

Many doctors around the world have already condemned the use of the word ‘schizophrenia’ as it does not do justice to the spectrum of mental health illnesses that genuinely exist but rather lets doctors and psychologists delve further into the fictitious world of American crime dramas where the word ‘schizophrenic’ is used both recklessly and seemingly without moderation.

Even with doctors attempts to brand any kind of temporary or permanent health disorder as ‘schizophrenia’ according to the Janssen report mental health accounts for 28% of the NHS budget but only 13.3% of the clinical commissioning group (CCG) budget.

Additionally the report also highlighted that mental health departments across the country lose 10,000 staff each year, no doubt because many of the workers or carers find their role somewhat extraneous to an individual’s recovery.

One of the key ideas outlined in the report stated that doctors could be ‘cherry-picking’ patients to the point that those with more severe conditions and greater need ¬†were being sidelined for patients who in many cases recover given a period of time.

All in all, the period of 2016-2017 saw an increase of 2% of detentions under the mental health care act reaching a total of 45,864 patients.